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The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) represents research-based National Pharmaceutical Companies.


85% of Private Sector Spend in R & D
80% of Exports of Pharmaceuticals
57% of Domestic Sales*
62% of Price Controlled Medicines*
* IQVIA MAT Mar 2019.


  • To make quality medicines available, accessible and affordable to people across the world.
  • To disseminate knowledge, share best practices and work towards excellence in quality.
  • To contribute to policy dialogues on these topics.

Aims and Objectives

  • Partnering with the Government in the evolution of a patent regime that will, on the one hand, meet the TRIPs obligations and on the other serve national interest.
  • Engaging the Government in constructive dialogue to move to price management from price control regime.
  • Working with the Government in progressively upgrading regulatory regime to suit the country's requirements.
  • Assisting the Government agencies in carrying out a campaign against spurious drugs.